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First-Rate Investigations and Consulting

First-Rate Investigations and Consulting, LLC is owned and operated by Michael Bock. Michael retired from the NYPD in 2017 as a Sergeant Detective Squad Supervisor after 25 years of service. Throughout his career, he has held positions in several investigative units including Narcotics, Internal Affairs and Special Victims, which has provided experience in all types of investigations. Michael has spent his last 10 years as a supervisor in Manhattan Special Victims and Special Victims Cold Case DNA Squad supervising over 15,000 cases. He is now a NYS and NJ licensed private investigator. 

About FRIC

In 2015 Michael, along with Chief Michael Osgood of the NYPD Special Victims Division, actively sought

Michael Bock testifies in front of the New York City Council Committees on Public Safety & Women

progressive training to conduct interviews for sexual assault survivors. As a result,  We then assisted in implemented training throughout NYPD Special Victims. The interview technique is based on the psychological effect that happens in the brain during a traumatic event, causing a person to behave in a manner or recall events that would be considered abnormal to a logical investigator. These so-called "perceived abnormalities” are not abnormal but just a mechanism of the brains function of self-preservation during a traumatic event.  During these traumatizing events, survivors memories become fragmented, thus making it more difficult to obtain case facts. The best practice interview technique for survivors of traumatic incidents should be a trauma informed technique. This can be used by trained experienced investigators when they realize a level of trauma has been suffered. Michael has participated in several training events for the NYPD. Although it was designed for sexual assault cases, this is a highly-effective interview tool for any victim or witness with traumatic experience regardless of the case.

Michael has dedicated the past 10 years to justice for survivors of sexual assault and child abuse with a broader focus on sexual assaults. These cases are extremely complicated investigations due to the fact that humans are complex. Sexual behavior is even more complex and the level of trauma is extreme.  The outcomes of these cases are based on the investigative process. The investigative process is not only measured in an arrest in the case, but by case-correctness. Case-correctness is obtaining all facts involved with the investigation leaving no stone unturned and finding the truth.

Although the past 10 years were based primarily on crimes of sexual nature or child abuse, these cases have proved to be the most difficult to investigate. Therefore, other investigations are typically not as complicated to investigate. That is why we are a full-service provider in all aspects of investigations. We specialize in sexual assaults, sexual harassment and child abuse. Since we are smaller than some investigative groups, Michael can offer personal service with professional oversight and we are highly confidential. Michael has been extremely fortunate to manage some of the greatest detectives and high-profile cases. Michael Bock has access to a pool of talent for larger cases with personal oversight and involvement on all cases.

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Notable Cases

I encourage you to check online for some of the high-profile investigations Michael has had the privilege to participate and manage during his tenure with NYPD Special Victims:​​

Besides having personal client cases, First-Rate Investigations and Consulting services are of value to insurance companies, attorneys, colleges and universities and the corporate world. We offer a wide-range of services for independently investigating without any biases or perceived biases that your own investigators conducting internal investigation could demonstrate. These services range from conducting full and independent investigations to management oversight of your own investigative team.


Contact us for a free consultation and see if we can help you find a solution to your needs.  

Michael in the News
New York Magazine
By Kathie Dobie l New York Magazine

The NYPD’s top sex-crimes investigator tried to bust Harvey Weinstein three years ago. Then the DA stepped in.

New York Post
By Tina Moore and Lia Eustachewich l New York Post

The NYPD’s Special Victims Division is laughably short-staffed — and the DOI’s scathing report needs to be taken seriously, a retired sex-crimes sergeant testified Monday before the City Council.

By Sarah Jorgensen and Brynn Gingras l CNN

A new New York City internal investigation criticizes the way the department handles sexual assaults, citing issues such as an understaffed Special Victims Division and a prioritization of some sex crimes over others.

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs l The Wall Street Journal

Police typically press victims for basic details, but a new technique teaches them to ask more open-ended questions.

By Daniela Hernandez, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Zusha Elinson l The Wall Street Journal

Posting genetic data on genealogy websites also reveals genetic information about relatives, who may not have given their consent.

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs l The Wall Street Journal

New York has tried new training for officers, but challenges persist.

By The Editorial Board l The New York Times

In recent years, rapes have risen in New York City, as crime overall, even other violent crime, has fallen.

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